There are two types of sauna. The traditional sauna and the infrared sauna. The latter creates heat using light beams at the far end of each side of the sauna.

The infrared sauna doesn’t require any medium such as air or water to transfer its heat to your body. It warms you up in direct contact.

An infrared sauna helps relieve the pain in your body parts such as muscles and the back. This is done through the increased speed of pumping blood leading to quickened blood flow and supply. The process eases swelling, muscle stiffness and aids the healing process of your back and joints.

Some people are hesitant about using the sauna as a pain relief method due to doubts and unanswered questions about infrared sauna and pain relief.

Here are your answers.

Is infrared heat good for back pain?

The increased rate of blood circulation helps your muscles relax as well as relieving deep tissue contractions.

A session in the infrared sauna has been confirmed to relieve inflammation and pain caused on your body tissues during strained activities.

Scientifically, the body absorbs infrared light into the mitochondria, speeding up the metabolism of the cell and the release of more energy. The energy is absorbed by the aching body parts, thus stimulating the healing process.

It also causes your muscles to be more relaxed hence creating more time for the tissues to regenerate.

How often should you do infrared sauna?

There is no set limit on the number of times you should do infrared sauna. However, being in the infrared sauna for a long period of time may cause your body dehydration. The average time should be between 3 to 4 times a week.

In addition to this, you may use it at least once a day if you decide to do daily sessions. The sessions should not be more than 30 minutes each. A lot of water intake is recommended.

Should you wipe sweat in the sauna?

It is advisable not to wipe sweat in a sauna unless you get really soaked up. The reason behind this is that by wiping sweat, you are sending a signal to your system that it needs to release more sweat to cool your body down. This might render you dehydrated.

Sweat that is flowing down your face and other parts of the body should be wiped off sparingly using a clean cloth, to avoid reabsorption of toxins back into the body. Remember to take a prolonged shower after the infrared sauna to wash away the sweat from your skin.

Why is infrared bad for you?

Despite the benefits such as pain relief drawn from using infrared sauna, there are also a few risks involved. One of them is overheating. Staying in the sauna for too long may cause your body to heat up to temperatures that are higher than normal. When this occurs, you are advised to take a lot of water and a cold shower.

Another reason why infrared sauna may be bad for you is the dehydration and heatstroke that may occur if you are not used to the sauna or if you stay there longer than recommended. Again, take a cold bath and drink a lot of water.


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