Infrared saunas are the new health trend with a laundry list of health benefits. If you are considering an infrared sauna, some of the benefits you can expect include weight loss and body detox. For the first time infrared users, the most pertinent question is, how safe is it to use the infrared sauna? The near-infrared sauna uses light therapy to heat the body and doesn’t emit dangerous radiation. This means it is safe even for everyday use.

Do infrared saunas detoxify your body?

Infrared saunas cause sweating even in low temperatures. This is because the heat they produce can penetrate the muscles heating the body before heating the air around you. When the infrared sauna induces sweating, the body excretes toxins through the skin and sweat. The infrared sauna is more effective in moving toxins through the skin. With an infrared sauna, 80-85% of the sweat is water, while the remainder is made up of fat-soluble toxins, cholesterol, uric acid, ammonia, sulfuric acid, and toxic heavy metals.

In the infrared sauna

If you are comfortable wearing as little clothing as possible in an infrared sauna, the better. However, if the idea of a swimsuit is too much for you, wearing clothes isn’t prohibited. The clothes should be loose-fitting and breathable to avoid blocking sweat pores. If you can wear lightweight shorts and a tank or t-shirt, that would be great.

If you enter the infrared sauna and feel the heat, but you aren’t sweating, this
might be a concern, right? Well, it is important to hydrate before getting in the sauna. So ensure you are adequately hydrated to prevent dehydration in the sauna. For first-time infrared sauna users, you might not sweat a lot during the first two or three sessions. This is normal for most people as the body isn’t used to this much sweating.

What to look for in buying an infrared sauna?

Before you buy an infrared sauna, look at the heater’s size, material producing the infrared heat, and the heater’s quality of heat and surface temperature. The technology used by the IR heater determines if the IR sauna is best for your health.

It is best to buy an infrared sauna that doesn’t emit EMF light. Get a sauna that emits low or no EMF light levels. Also, make sure the sauna doesn’t use synthetic glue to avoid toxic odors’ emission when heated. Get the right size for your location and get an infrared sauna with a warranty, return policy and support.


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