Sauna is one way you can use to detoxify your body or use it to help you lose weight. While it might not achieve a lot of results over a short time, sauna combined with other weight loss plans or detox programs has significant health benefits. Thanks to technology, one can now enjoy infrared saunas better compared to the traditional sauna.

What is the Difference Between a Near and Far-Infrared Sauna?

Before we head to the differences, what is a near-infrared sauna? The near-infrared sauna combines light therapy and heat therapy. The light emitted from the near-infrared saunas are capable of penetrating the body up to 9 inches. The near-infrared saunas have the ability to heat the body while the air stays cooler. This means one can enjoy an infrared sauna in a cooler room and get all the benefits that come with a sauna.

The difference between a near and far infrared sauna is the technology. The far infrared sauna uses heating elements that can emit light in the far-infrared range. Far infrared saunas offer light therapy, but it can’t penetrate the skin as much as the near-infrared sauna. The far infrared saunas also emit harmful EMF levels which is dangerous for the human body.

Are near-infrared saunas safer?

Compared to the far infrared sauna, the near-infrared saunas are much safer. They emit shallow levels of EMFs that aren’t harmful to the human body. The near-infrared sauna heats up faster compared to traditional saunas and also require less sophistication to set up.

Benefits of a near-infrared sauna

The first benet is detoxication. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and sweating is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins in the body. Heating the body might also help destroy bacteria, tumours, and viruses. With a near-infrared sauna, you get to enjoy indirect exercise benefits. Maybe you have a condition that doesn’t allow you to exercise but can enjoy an infrared sauna. It helps increase blood circulation, improves tissue oxidation, and lowers elevated blood pressure. If you want to shed weight, the near-infrared sauna can go a long way. Incorporate sauna in your workouts and dieting plans and the results will be unique. One can also enjoy pain relief and relaxation. Infrared light may help reduce pain in the muscles. With a near-infrared sauna, one sweats and increases circulation, which in turn helps relax the body.


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