With the advent of new technology for a far infrared sauna, many people tend to undergo this therapy because of its health benefits. Many people claim that far infrared sauna helps them in improving their overall health status by enhancing the circulation of their blood, detoxifying dirt from their body, losing weight, and others.

What is Far Infrared Sauna Good For?

A far infrared sauna is good for those people who want to maintain good health status. Since the heat of the far infrared sauna penetrates your deep muscles, it can help relieve your muscle pain, reduce fatigue, decrease stress, detoxify your body, enhance lymphatic circulation, increase cardiovascular endurance, and strengthen your immune system.

What is the Difference Between Infrared Sauna and far Infrared Sauna?

In a general sense, an infrared sauna uses infrared heaters in infrared-emitting lights absorbed by the skin. Inside the sauna room, the body experience heat from its surroundings, which causes detoxification and burning of calories or unwanted fats. On the other hand, a Far infrared saunaprovides direct heat to the body instead of providing heat to the air inside the sauna room. There’s an approximate 20% heat that goes to the air during far infrared sauna therapy, and around 80% directly heats the body. With this high amount of heat present in the sauna room, you can feel sweating all around your body.

Are Far Infrared Saunas Safe?

Most experts claim that utilizing a far infrared sauna is not a bad idea. It helps the body gain more health benefits since this therapy helps anyone maintain his good physical and mental condition. However, to make sure that utilizing far infrared sauna will not provide side effects to the body, just always make sure that there’s a professional medical practitioner who can assist you with the therapy. Before undergoing this therapy, a full orientation and instruction from your physician are imperative.

How Far Does an Infrared Sauna Work?

In most instances, an infrared sauna is being used by many people as one of the therapy procedures. Perhaps at some point, you’re wondering if does sauna help lose weight. Well, according to some researches, undergoing sauna therapy is associated to losing weight. By undergoing far infrared sauna therapy, your calories and unwanted fats are being burned, which is the main reason you lose several pounds from your body.

Does Sauna Help Lose Weight?

An infrared sauna helps in losing weight in some specific ways. If you are in a sauna room, your body becomes sweat, which then results to the removal of excessive fats and calories from your body.

How Many Calories are burned in a Sauna?

As you stay inside the sauna room, you will be given a chance to remove unwanted fats from your body. In fact, there are almost 600 calories that can be reduced from your body, which may then result to losing weight.

How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna to Lose Weight?

For you to achieve better results, you are advised to stay in the sauna for at least 1-2 hours, depending on your body’s condition. But if you are new to this therapy, it would be better not to step foot for too long so that your body can cope up with the temperature.

What is a Wellness Pod?

Wellness pod is used by many people to achieve health benefits to their body. This is one of their therapy procedures to detoxify their body, strengthens their immune system, improves blood circulation, and even improve their skin surface. One of the types of wellness pod that you can use is the infrared jade sauna pod. It is a non-surgical practice to wellness designed to address some concerns on your health like weight loss, cellulite reduction, pain relief, and even detoxification.

What is a Dry Pod?

Using a wellness dry pod for your therapy would provide you with several benefits and advantages using the traditional type of saunas. This wellness dry pod effectively works to improve your well-being and overall health status. With this innovative and alternative way of fitness, you can have the chance to experience safe and faster results towards a healthy body.


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