An infrared sauna pod is one of the most ideal ways to relax, unwind, detoxify, and burn extra calories. The jade sauna pod has gained popularity all over the world for its numerous and significant health benefits. The infrared sauna pod is used for its mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

The Vivo wellness infrared jade sauna pod is a product of innovation and technology that uses, Near, Mid, and Far Infrared light to produce heat. It is a perfect home or commercial use machine and thanks to the infrared technology used in the pod, it is safe to use every day.

Benefits of using the Jade Sauna Pod

Apart from helping you relax, the jade sauna pod will

  • Soothe muscle pain and aches
  • Burn calories
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Cleanse your body through the skin
  • Relax any spasm muscles
  • Reduce body fat
  • Fight insomnia and improve quality of sleep
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Boost your immunity to help fight diseases like COVID-19

These are just some of the benefits one can reap from the infrared sauna pod. The jade sauna pod compared to the traditional sauna or other sauna pods has more health benefits. Before we look at how you can reap these benefits, what if you want a sauna pod for home use? How much will it cost you and what kind of expense for the sauna are you looking at?

How much is a sauna pod?

Taking a look at the average cost of the sauna pods in the market today, a sauna pod costs between $14,000 and $35000. The best price gives you a quality sauna pod that will give you all the benefits that come with a sauna pod. The Vivo wellness infrared jade sauna costs $14500.00. The jade sauna pod is however different from the others. It has better features and specifications and yields better results.

The Jade sauna pod has 444 real jade stones that will help your body with improving lymphatic circulation and balances the oxygen flow in your body. This is one of the features that set the Jade sauna pod apart from the rest. The price for this jade sauna pod is fair considering all the benefits it offers together with the features.

This compared to the price of installing an infrared sauna BOX in your home is much better. With the installed infrared sauna box, you have to prepare the space and have materials as well as professionals to install the sauna. With this also comes the maintenance cost. The total amount might end up costing you double the price of the VIVO INFRARED jade sauna pod. The jade infrared sauna pod is also portable. When moving, you can take it with you as it is a plug and play to a regular power outlet but with the installed sauna, you have to factor in the cost in the price of your home. The jade sauna pod takes so little space same size as the massage bed and it can even be placed in your bedroom. If you are considering an infrared sauna for home use, the VIVO INFRARED jade sauna pod is a good fit.

What is a Jade Pod?

The use of saunas started with the Finnish people. The traditional sauna involved heating rocks which in turn heated the sauna room. Sometimes, they would pour water on the stones to produce steam. With advance in technology and innovation, the infrared saunas were invented. These use NEAR AND FAR infrared light to heat the body. Compared to the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna doesn’t heat the environment around you. Instead the INFRARED wavelength produces heat that penetrates deep into the skin heating the body without heating the surrounding environment.

After the infrared sauna was invented, the jade sauna pods were next. The Jade sauna pod is an infrared sauna pod. It applies the same principles with the normal infrared saunas. The jade sauna pod is the modern day fusion of the infrared wraps and wood sauna. Most of these saunas offer FAR or NEAR infrared or none whatsoever. However, the Jade sauna pod offer both the FAR infrared wavelength heat and NEAR infrared LAMPS. Because of this strong combo, the jade sauna pod offers you a unique combination of dual action detox. The jade sauna pod gets the name from the jade stones inside this relaxation capsule. The sauna pod is lined with 444 jade stones which provide better lymphatic circulation in the body and balances your oxygen circulation.

The Jade sauna pod is different from the normal infrared saunas. It is an encapsulation of some sort. It provides cover for the entire body leaving the head out of the sauna pod. It allows your mind to concentrate on cooling your body which in turn increases your metabolism. The Jade sauna pod also gives you full temperature control settings. This means you have full control of the temperature and time that the sauna pod operates on.

Benefits of the 444 Jade Stones in the VIVO INFRARED Jade Sauna Pod

Jade stones have been used for centuries for their healing properties. The jade stone means purity and is regarded as one of the stones that supports loving heart energy. Jade has been used for its abilities to create a peaceful feeling of balance and harmony in the body. It is a Feng Shui stone used for good luck and protection.

The Jade stone creates no rush in energy and doesn’t demand from you. It instead gives you all the energy, love, and courage needed to raise your vibrations and welcome all the good things that want to come to you. Jade also has other physical, mental, and emotional healing properties. The cleansing potential of the stone means it can work straight to heal your body organs from toxins. It is known to balance the fluid system on the body and also help the spleen, kidneys and bladder.

Do infrared Jade saunas really detoxify your body?

One of the most significant advantages of using the infrared sauna is detoxification. Every day, our optimal health state is challenged by food additives, pesticides, heavy metals, and the toxins from caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Exposure to heavy metals in the body may destroy the hormones, enzymes, proteins and more needed by the body for it to function properly.
  • The prescription medication cans buildup in the bloodstream which might cause drug toxicity.
  • Exposure to pesticides affect the nervous system and the endocrine system which might be carcinogenic.
  • The crackers, salad dressing breads, cookies, chips and more contain food additives that can lead to diabetes, heart disease and other nutritional deficiencies.

Regular jade infrared sauna therapy might help the body eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals by detoxifying the lymphatic tissue.

When you get in the infrared sauna, the core body temperature is increased. This induces sweating which is different from the sweat produced during workouts. When working out, the nervous system is in sympathetic mode. The sweat produced at this time is “water sweat” where you lose electrolytes and water but not toxins.

In the jade sauna pod, the low temperature in the environment combined with the higher temperature in the body takes the nervous system into parasympathetic mode. This stimulates the production of “fat sweat” which helps eliminate toxins and chemicals in the body. Infrared sauna is one of the best ways to detoxify your body getting rid of heavy metals, chemicals and toxins. It has also been shown to help with treating chronic fatigue, colitis, auto-immune dif, ADD, autism and ADHD.

The infrared sauna pod produces infrared light that penetrates the body tissue. It heats the body from inside without warming the air around you. This makes the jade sauna pod accessible to people who can’t bear the high temperatures in the traditional sauna. The infrared sauna can also deliver the benefits of a moderate workout including cardiovascular conditioning. The Journal of the American Medical Association says the jade sauna pod can burn as much as 600 calories per sauna session which is amazing for anyone who want to lose weight.

Why Vivo wellness infrared jade sauna pod is # 1?

There are so many infrared sauna pods in the market today. However, none of them can challenge the Vivo wellness infrared jade sauna pod on features. One of the features that set this sauna pod apart from all others are the444realjade stones lined up in the infrared sauna pod. This puts the pod on top of any other infrared sauna pods in the market.

The jade stones are great for people with lymphatic problems. The stones help improve lymphatic circulation in the body and also works to restore the oxygen circulation balance. The reduction of cellulite is another advantage of the jade stones. This is the number on feature that leaves the Vivo wellness infrared jade sauna pod on top of the list of best infrared sauna pods.

For people who have used a sauna with jade stones before, the benefits are well visible. Jade stones gives your body a soothing purity. They contain time tested healing benefits. This is good news for the alternative healing practices followers. The jade stones in the Vivo wellness infrared sauna pod offers a sweet and light nourishing energy that is very healing. The stones lined up in the jade sauna pod purify your energy field in a way that is accepting, wise and loving.

The Vivo wellness infrared jade sauna pod also offers EMF protection to the users. The design and manufacturing of the pods is all done in the United States. Every pod is put under rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure it meets all the standards of the company and to ensure it is safe for prolonged use. This means no electric field stress, and a very little and undetected amount of magnetic field stress. All this with combining the NEAR, MID, and FAR infrared light to provide all these amazing benefits.

If you find the traditional sauna or the normal infrared sauna unpleasant, then the Vivo wellness infrared jade sauna pod is a perfect fit. The pod can be used as a home infrared sauna pod or it can also be used to provide infrared sauna pod services. The pod isn’t limited in functionality, design, and features.


The Jade infrared sauna pod is beneficial to your health. Using the VIVO INFRARED sauna is safe and healthy for most people. However, to reap all these benefits, you have to be consistent in use. Saunas are used by different people as part of their healthy lifestyles. However, what’s best for you might not be what are best for the other person. With the jade sauna, it’s imperative that you figure out how you can benefit from the same and how to benefit. The sauna may help you relive muscle aches and pains, help you sleep and relax, improve your blood circulation and much more.


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