Using a sauna can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for first-time users. So many questions run in the mind as one wonders about the sauna mystery. Well, if you are a first-time sauna user, we have a few pointers to help you out on this fantastic experience. Using a sauna has so many health benefits that include losing weight. If you incorporate the sauna in your weight loss journey, the results might shock you.

There are things you should know before using a sauna. Some people wonder if it is safe to drink water before using a sauna. When you get in a sauna, the high-temperature levels hit your body, and you start sweating profusely. When you sweat, you are losing weight, and most of the time, this is water weight.
One ends up becoming so dehydrated after a while. This is why it is recommended that you drink one full glass of water at least before using a sauna. This helps prevent severe dehydration, especially if you take a lot of time in the sauna.

Drinking water in the sauna isn’t as effective compared to drinking the water before getting in the sauna. If you feel so dehydrated in the sauna or you start feeling light-headed, get out immediately. In the sauna, you should wear as little clothes as possible and avoid wearing the wrong clothes. For example, going in an infrared sauna with a swimsuit is best while wearing your tight jogging pants is wrong. If you want to lose weight in the sauna, wearing something made of cotton but avoid anything with metal parts. The cotton clothing helps absorb excess heat letting your skin breathe freely. Whatever you wear in the sauna to lose weight, make sure it is clean and wear no shoes.

The main reason you are in the sauna is because of the heat. When the heat warms you up, you end up sweating and shedding off some weight. This is different from a steam room. The steam room is filled with hot but very humid air. It is also airtight that the air is so damp even the water condenses on the walls. With the sauna, you have ventilation that helps reduce humidity and a supply of fresh but hot air. Saunas are great for people who are aggravated by humidity.


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