The Pneumatic Compression Massager by VIVO Wellness is a proven, alternative path to good health. This “air therapy” massager is engineered to rejuvenate the body and spirit while offering superior health and wellness properties.

There are many benefits of air therapy and the Pneumatic Compression Massager including improved overall circulation, reduction of water retention and stimulating movement of stagnant lymphatic fluids and toxins, also known as cellulite reduction.

The Lymphatic System is often ignored, its vitality is crucial to the health of the immune system.

Your lymphatic system can be compared to a freeway. When congested, nothing moves. The same thing can happen in your body. Your lymphatic system affects every organ and cell in your body. When your lymphatic system’s drainage becomes blocked, you cannot eliminate toxic material.

When the lymph fails to function properly, it becomes sluggish or even stagnant. The clear lymph fluid becomes cloudy and thick, changing from a condition like water to milk to yogurt to cottage cheese. Thickened, gel like stagnant lymph overloaded with toxic waste is the ideal environment for the onset of numerous illnesses, including cancer.

Your lymphatic system includes a vast network of capillaries that transport the lymph a series of nodes throughout the body (primarily in the neck, groin, and armpits) that collect the lymph and 3 organs, namely the tonsils, spleen, and thynius gland, which produce white blood cells (called lymphocytes), vital to the immune system.

The space between cells occupies about 18% of the body. Fluid containing plasma proteins, foreign particles, and bacteria that accumulate in these spaces between cells, is called lymph. The primary purpose of the lymphatic system is to collect the lymph and to return its contents to the bloodstream. More specifically, the lymph system collects waste products and cellular debris from the tissues to eliminate toxins from the body.

The lymph flows upward through the body up to the chest (at the rate of 3 quarts per 24 hours) where it drains into the bloodstream through two large ducts. Lymph also flows down from the head and neck into these drainage sites. Unlike the blood supply, the lymphatic system does not have a pump (the heart) to move it along. Rather, its movement depends on such factors as muscle contraction or manual manipulation (why inactivity can lead to increased illness).

The lymph circulation is also a one way circulation it only returns fluid to the bloodstream. The lymph system becomes particularly active during times of illness (such as the flu), when the nodes (particularly at the neck) visibly swell with collected waste products.

When the collecting terminals become blocked, it’s like a bottleneck; lymph starts backing up in the system creating a toxic oxygen deprived environment conducive to degeneration and disorder. Toxic lymph can be stored for a long time in the system. This is not a healthy condition.

Moving stagnant lymph flow is a key to rejuvenation. Once you clear up the lymph flow, which is an essential component of the immune system, you can enhance the body’s natural healing ability to clear tip any illness.

The Lymphatic System plays a vital role in the body’s immunity, where lymphocytes produce antibodies that destroy foreign invaders, and has been coined its “sewage system”, removing dead cells, blood proteins and other toxic materials. With today’s sedentary lifestyles, pollution, constipation, and diets low in nutrients and high in fats, sugars, additives and preservatives, lymph becomes overloaded, congested and clogged.

Without a pump, the body’s Lymphatic System must depend on motion (exercise, breathing and/or massage) to propel lymph through its vessels.

Jade Lymphatic Drainage is an accelerated method of cleansing and detoxifying the Lymphatic System, equivalent to 8 10 manual lymphatic drainage sessions. In a congested Lymphatic System, lymph is thick, sticky, stagnant, laden with toxins and unable to circulate and eliminate wastes. Since bodily fluids are conductors of electricity, we use electricity to break down congested lymph. The entire process is accomplished in three steps.

STEP 1: The client rests comfortably on the table, and a conductive cream is applied to the body. Lymphatic congestion and toxicity reduce the electrostatic field of the proteins in interstitial fluids and contribute to thickening and clumping of lymph. To increase electrostatic tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage, we employ high frequency therapy via a hand held wand containing an oxygenating rare neon gas bulb, which devitalizes bacteria, viruses, etc. The electric charges stimulate, re-polarize and re establish ideal frequency and energy of individual cells, tissues, and the entire lymphatic system, producing a mild heating effect, increasing circulation, activating lymph, breaking up blockages, detoxifying, and enhancing immunity.

STEP 2: Lymph (and fat and cellulite) is manually massaged along limbs and torso (always in the direction of the ducts) with two wands delivering frequency specific, harmony enhancing signal (based on sound and color frequencies generated by actual gemstones).

STEP 3: The session is concluded with an invigorating electric massage. This stimulates the lymphatic system and increases circulation, proper elimination, detoxification, cell nourishment, and immunity. Additionally, fifteen minutes spent in a sauna further accelerates the detoxification process. Here the body sweats, releasing loosened and broken up toxins through the pores, further increasing purification, while the simulated fever increases production of disease fighting white blood cells. Sometimes expelled toxins can be seen on the soiled towel.

This is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a one on one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.

Lymphatic Drainage is recommended by knowledgeable Health care Practitioners around the World.