According to this scientific study, sweating out in a sauna is your best bet to bring down your blood pressure. It is good news because the rumor floating around is the myth that saunas are bad for your health.

Do Saunas Decrease Blood Pressure?

Yes, according to the latest scientific research, bathing at the sauna boosts endothelial function. To put it simply, the inside layer of your blood vessels starts to work optimally due to exposure to the environment inside a sauna. Clogging of these blood vessels contributes to high blood pressure symptoms, and regular visits to a sauna act as a plumber unclogging the drainage system.

Is Steaming Good for High Blood Pressure?

A sauna will make you sweat, and this is a healthy process because, by this, toxic waste can be excreted through the sweat glands. Studies have shown that when your body gets exposed to steam, moist heat improves blood circulation throughout your body.

When the blood circulation is excellent, your blood pressure is lowered, and your cardiovascular health is boosted. It would help if you took caution because the steam should not be too hot that it causes damage to your body and the right temperature and proper exposure duration. Ten minutes is a commonly recommended time to be exposed to hot steam, and you should always seek a medical professional in regards to the correct steam temperature.

The staff at your favorite sauna joint will be experienced enough to ensure that you don’t experience any irritation or accidentally get burnt. Sauna technology has also evolved to a point where machines can accurately provide a therapeutic experience without any human intervention.

Is a Sauna Bad for Your Heart? 

No, a sauna is excellent for your heart, and it is a recommended therapy for people suffering from cardiovascular complications. These facilities have health benefits such as reducing stress, providing relief for muscle pain, and regulating blood circulation.

Saunas are suitable for people with stable angina pectoris, coronary artery disease, and other related illnesses. The experience will only turn fatal if you consume alcohol while relaxing in a sauna. Alcohol consumption during a sauna bath can cause arrhythmia, death, and hypotension. So, as sauna blood pressure is a healthy activity, avoid escalating the situation with intoxication.

Are Hot Baths Bad for High Blood Pressure?

Science has proven that hot baths will lower high blood pressure but the maximum exposure time to the hot liquid is ten minutes and no more. It applies to being immersed and other sauna setups. Taking hot baths is recommended for hypertensive patients, and it has been known to result in regulated blood pressure.

The hot bath causes the blood vessels in your body to dilate, leading to lower blood pressure. Such conditions also lower the risk of getting a stroke, which applies to both women and men. Caution needs to be taken for patients who are at advanced stages of their illnesses.

In conclusion, sauna blood pressure is a healthy experience that will lower your stress, improve your heart’s health, and regulate blood pressure. One thing to remember is alcohol does not go well with heat, and always consult a medical expert when in doubt.


If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you have better chances of managing your condition with regular infrared sauna sessions. Exposure to the heat in the sauna helps your blood vessels expand balancing the flow or circulation of blood in your entire body. Try the infrared sauna for blood pressure and see the results.


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