One of the most significant benefit of using infrared sauna is for pain relief. Detox and weight loss benefits follow closely adding to the laundry list of health benefits of a sauna. For the first time sauna users, there are so many questions tied to the expectations. There are also things that you need to know as a first time sauna user. Are you considering using a sauna for pain relief? The traditional sauna might not be the best betcompared to the infrared sauna for pain relief and other health benefits. The traditional sauna is beneficial but the infrared sauna is much better.

Can you lose belly fat in a sauna?

If you want to shed off some weight, the infrared sauna helps in a big way. However, if you want to achieve the best results and fast, you will have to do more. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, watch your calorie intake and incorporate a sauna in your weight loss program. When you get in the sauna, apart frompain relief, you sweat off toxins and soluble fat from the fat oils. The sauna will help you burn extra calories and possibly help you lose the stubborn belly fat. Visit the sauna at least three times in a week for the best results. If you can handle four sauna sessions in a week, then you can handle a sauna session daily.

Can I wear clothes in an infrared sauna?

If you have an infrared sauna pod, no one will ask you if you go nude in the pod. Wearing clothing in the infrared sauna is also right. However, you have to be wary of the clothes you wear if you want to achievepain relief in the sauna. Whatever you wear in the sauna won’t affect the effectiveness of the sauna session. However, it might affect your body’s resistance and ability to stay in the sauna. this begs the question, what do you wear in an infrared sauna? if you can’t afford to go nude, wear very light clothing and enjoy.

Why am I not sweating in the infrared sauna?

To receive the sauna pain relief and detox benefits, you don’t have to sweat. This causes a lot of concern with some people. When going for a sauna, drink a lot of water before the session to ensure you are properly hydrated. You might not be sweating due to dehydration. It is also normal for first time sauna users not to sweat during a sauna session. However, your body will still detoxify and if you feel your skin, it might be sticky or a little moist. This shows you are receiving the detox benefits. For pain relief and relaxation, you will feel the difference when you step in the sauna and when you step out of the sauna. if you can tolerate being in the sauna four days in a week, then you have no problem going for the sauna daily. This yields amazing detox, pain relief, and weight loss results.


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