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    Infrared Jade Sauna Pod

    Shed the extra pounds and getting rid of cellulite while relaxing in the Infrared

    Jade Sauna Pod

    Let’s face it…Getting rid of cellulite and rejuvenating the lymphatic system can be tough. You end up trying all kinds of things but to no use!

    Oh, and not to mention the stress you have to put on your body just to burn those extra calories…

    Well, guess what? Now you get to transform your wellness approach with Vivo Infrared Jade Sauna Pod and restore your health on numerous levels.

    It helps with shedding unwanted fat, rejuvenating ageing skin and getting rid of cellulite. Not only that! But it revitalizes your body systems with detoxification, balanced metabolism, and mental relaxation to recuperate your energy.

    And that too in a 30-minute session that burn your 600 calories!

    The go-to solution to make your everyday ailments


    The traditional sauna solutions just got an upgrade and your spa or gym needs to catch up to this modern technology! VIVO Infrared Jade Sauna Pod allows you to breathe outside of the toxic air as compared to a traditional sauna room that often has many people crammed up.

    A revolutionary product for Tanning salons, High-end massage Studio, Chiropractors, Colon hydrotherapy, and Cryotherapy.
    Utilize VIVO Infrared Jade Sauna Pod for

    acne 1


    pain 1

    Pain Reliever


    Improve Circulation

    toxic 1


    calm 1


    belly 1

    Help Chronic Fatigue

    blood-pressure (1) 1

    Lower Blood Pressure

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    Muscle Recovery

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    Weight Loss

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    Hone the therapeutic power of Jade stones for achieving Ultimate Relaxation

    Jade stones are proven to offer deep healing and therapeutic effects. Feel the deeply soothing warmth creeping into your body and giving it the relaxation, it deserves.

    Not only that, but it sharpens your mental abilities and keeps the alertness alive.

    This is how it makes an infrared sauna more effective to achieve anti-ageing effects too.

    So, purify, nourish and heal your body with time tested solution NOW!

    Penetrating Infrared Therapy
    that could mean all the difference

    Infrared light technology offers a deep penetration to revitalize your energy by healing effectively.

    VIVO enables a safe intensity by offering two adjustable heating levels (Far-infrared and Near-infrared) that make it stand in a league of its own from traditional saunas. So, getting your personalized relaxation therapy with intensity adjustment could mean the difference you had been looking for.

    Trigger the health-boosting reactions that promote a strong immune system, relaxed muscles, and an energetic body and more.


    Reduced EMF Pollution

    VIVO assures you to manufacture a design that helps reduce EMF Pollutionand increases detoxification.

    Safe Usage

    The unique VIVO design enforces the safe usage that exerts electric field stress to make it less harmful for your body.

    Quality Assurance

    The USA made product is put under Quality Assurance Testing to ensure effectiveness. We meet the health standards to give you a health boost.