For first time sauna users, there is a lot to be understood. There are dos and don’ts of using a sauna as well as advantages and disadvantages of the same. There are also different type of saunas and each of them come with different sauna benefits.Shoo how do you ensure that you enjoy as many of these sauna benefits. Below, we have answers some of the basic questions that a sauna user might ask.

Should you drink water during a sauna?

Of the many sauna benefits that exist, losing weight is probably the best. The world we are living in today has so many obese people. No wonder almost everyone is eager and obsessed with losing weight. That is one reason why so many people are curious of this and other sauna benefits.

When using the sauna, one is bound to sweat profusely. When this happens, you are losing water and if you don’t have enough water in your body, you are risking dehydration. However, this doesn’t justify drinking water during a sauna. if you have to drink water, do it ten minutes before the sauna and after the sauna. Not during the sauna.

What not to do after a sauna?

Depending on your goals and discipline, you aren’t supposed to drink alcohol or use any recreational drug before, during, or after a sauna. give your body time to detox and get rid of toxins before you start supplying it with a fresh dose of the same toxins you spent time in the sauna getting rid of.

On the same, avoid taking an ice-cold shower after a sauna session. At this time, you are sweaty and dehydrated. Why would you punish yourself to the extent of disturbing your blood circulation dangerously? If you have to take a shower, take the hose and start with your feet and rise up gradually to the rest of the body.

Is it okay to sauna daily?

There is no danger with going in the sauna every day. Most of the establishments that provide sauna services recommend that you go for one to four sauna sessions in a week. If you are healthy enough to handle the four sessions in a week with zero complications, you won’t have a problem attending the sauna class.

Do you really sweat out toxins?

If toxins were visible with the human eye, one would be shocked by how many toxins the body is harboring. When you sweat in an infrared sauna, 80-85% of the sweat is made up of water. The remainder includes heavy metal toxins, soluble fats, cholesterol, and other toxins. Of the many saunabenefits, this one is my favorite. While you might not be able to sweat out a virus, sweating out toxins is the epitome of your sauna session. You come out of the sauna detoxified and relaxed with no muscle pains, muscle aches and it also promotes relaxation.

Try out an infrared sauna today and enjoy these and many other benefits


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