Nowadays, far infrared sauna becomes prominent in spas, gyms, and other types of wellness settings. Most people prefer infrared saunas to those with traditional saunas since these provide more comfort and convenience due to the surroundingdry and cool air. A far infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses heat elements that mainly emit lights on a far-infrared range. This type of sauna provides health benefits. However, deeper investigations and extensive researches are needed to support this claim.

What is far Infrared Sauna Good for?

A far infrared sauna is relatively good for those people who are seeking better skin and those who would like to improve their overall health status. Some people claim that far infrared sauna improves blood circulation and provides health benefits to the heart.

What is the Difference Between an Infrared Sauna and Far Infrared Sauna?

Infrared sauna, also known as Waon Therapy or Infrared Therapy, utilizes infrared heaters just to emit light infrared that is being absorbed by the skin surface. Sauna primarily heats the body by convection and conduction from heated air as well as by radiation on heated surfaces inside the room. On the other hand, a far infrared sauna is a type of sauna that directly heats the body instead of heating the air surrounding your body. In a far infrared sauna, about 80% heats the body, and 20% of the heat goes to the air, which makes the whole surroundings heater.

Are Far Infrared Saunas Safe?

Some studies and researches claim that far infrared sauna is safe, which also provide health benefits. But some studies also suggest that extensive researches are still needed to backup the claim of the other professionals. For safer use of far infrared sauna, it would be better to undergo this therapy under the supervision of a professional practitioner. Make sure not to overdo the entire process since any person may experience overheating and dehydration. If this kind of therapy is beingdone, then several health benefits may also be achieved.

How Far Does an Infrared Sauna Work?

The infrared sauna works well to those people who undergo proper procedures of the therapy. During the therapy process, a person can feel more relaxed as he was exposed to the heat inside the room. This kind of therapy mayhelp an individual to lose weight byburning fats and calories in his body.

Some of you may be asking yourself – does sauna help lose weight? The answer is literally yes. It is because it burns the calories and fats in the body.

How Many Calories are Burned in a Sauna?

During your treatment inside the sauna room, you can burn about 600 calories within 30-40 minutes. With this amount, you can make sure that you will lose weight by several pounds.

How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna to Lose Weight?

For beginners, it would be advisable to stay in the sauna for a few minutes first so that their bodies will not be shocked. Once you come back for another session, then you can at least stay for longer minutes based on the practitioner’s instruction.

How Do You Lose Weight in a Sauna?

As you undergo this therapy, you let your excessive fats and calories be burned in your body, which results in losing weight by several pounds.

What is a Wellness Pod?

Wellness pod is among the wellness systems many people can use in the wellness pod sauna. It is widely used in wellness spas to provide great benefits to individuals who want to reduce stress and fatigue from their busy schedules. This pod also helps individuals to remain healthy since it stimulates and strengthens the immune system of their body.

What is a Dry Pod?

The wellness dry pod are combining dry heat and infrared heat with aromatherapy, salt air, and vibratory massage towards a relaxation experience and total body transformation. This wellness pod workseffectively by improving blood circulation and even stimulates elastin and collagenproduction. With the use of this therapy, many people have the chance to sustain the stability of their health status.


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