Have you ever experienced far infrared sauna therapy before? Perhaps you’re familiar with the traditional sauna since it was mainly introduced in the previous years. But because of the advent of technology and the innovative way to enhance the lifestyle of many people, far infrared sauna is being introduced recently.

What is Far Infrared Sauna Good For?

A far infrared sauna is good for improving good health status– be it physically or mentally. By undergoing this therapy, you have the opportunity to receive health benefits like detoxifying your body, stimulating or strengthening your immune system, improving the surface of your skin, improving the flow or the circulation of your blood, and even providing you with a safe sound during nap time. A far infrared sauna is good for all people who are looking for essential health benefits that would somehow improve their healthy stability.

What is the Difference Between Infrared Sauna and Far Infrared Sauna?

Generally, a far infrared sauna is different from an infrared sauna alone. The only difference is the amount or mode of giving heat to the person. In a far infrared sauna, the heat is directly absorbed by the body and does not need to heat the air inside the room. There’s an approximate 80% heat directly given to the body, and only 20% heat goes to the air inside the sauna room. The infrared sauna uses heat emitters for the infrared light, which is being absorbed by the surface of the skin. The amount of heat in far infrared is quite high since the heat must go deeper on the muscles.

Are Far Infrared Saunas Safe?

Most studies and researches claim that using a far infrared sauna is safe to everyone. With the help and guidance of the professional practitioner in spa or wellness, proper procedures in doing the therapy are observed. However, some experts also suggest that extensive research is required to backup the claim for these health benefits since there’s not enough scientific evidence that would satisfy the claim. But since some people successfully received the health benefits out of this therapy, it has already been proven by many of them that it is safe to use to achieve proper health benefits.

How Far Does an Infrared Sauna Work?

Does sauna help lose weight? If your main concern why you would like to undergo an infrared sauna is to lose weight, then your decision is not bad at all.It is a mere fact that it helps anyone to lose weight for several pounds because,during the therapy, it makes them sweat that burns the unwanted fats and calories of their body.

Does Sauna Help Lose Weight?

Generally, sauna help loses weight to all people who are seeking for ways on how to remove fats and calories from their body. They can undergo this therapy for them to lose weight for several pounds.

How Do You Lose Weight in Sauna?

Sauna help loses weight by removing unwanted fats and calories from the body. During the therapy session, the body makes sweat, resulting in losing weight for how many pounds.

What is a Wellness Pod?

Have you already heard about a wellness pod? It is a system that provides relaxation and health benefits with a wide spectrum of all-inclusive treatments. With the use of a wellness pod, a person only needs to lie down in bed, change the setting based on the recommended setup, and start enjoying wellness sessions around 45-120 minutes.

What is a Wellness Dry Pod?

Wellness dry podintegrates infrared heat and dry heat with aromatherapy, salt air, and vibratory massage forrelaxation and experience body transformation. This pod gives the body numerous benefits such as stress reduction, weight loss, pain relief, and relaxation.

Does the Sculpt Pod Work?

Sculpt pod effectively works to the body. With this therapy, you may experience an all-around body massage that breaks down the cellulites while you’re inside the pod. Infrared helps you achieve numerous health benefits like skin rejuvenation, detoxification, pain relief or reduction, and relaxation.

What is a Dry Pod?

A dry pod is a personalized dry sauna designed for relaxation and body comfort. Everyone needs to relax out of their busy schedules in a day. So, with the use of this wellness dry pod, you can finally experience the warmth, comfortable hugging heat, soothing massage, and aromatherapy.


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