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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We aim for complete customer satisfaction. If you have questions, we have answers. Whether you’re looking to purchase for your business or for your personal use, allow us to help you determine which VIVO Wellness product is best for you.

    Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

    By Phone: (323) 888-1000
    By Email: info@vivowellness.com
    By Mail: VIVO Wellness, 3400 E. Slauson Avenue, Maywood CA 90270

    Purchasing the Best Vibration Machine

    At VIVO Wellness we understand that purchasing a vibration machine for exercise is a significant investment and requires research and thoughtful consideration. Choosing by price alone may not always be the wisest decision. So how do you decide?

    We suggest you ask yourself a few simple questions:

    Is there a warranty and what is covered under the warranty?

    Contact us to learn more.

    Who can I speak with if I'm experiencing any product issues?

    A live person will answer to phone, diagnose the problem and see to it that any defective parts are exchanged. If the problem cannot be diagnosed over the phone, a repair person in your local area will be dispatched.

    Is there any after-sale support?

    This is where most suppliers stumble and we’ve heard the horror stories. We are committed to after-sale support so you can have the best experience with your new whole body vibration machine. If there is anything not working as expected, just call us toll-free at (323) 888-1000.