There are two types of sauna: the traditional sauna and the infrared sauna. While the traditional sauna works by heating the air surrounding you, the infrared sauna uses lamps that function through electromagnetic radiation. Instead of heating the surrounding air, the infrared sauna directly warms your
The most asked questions about the infrared sauna are listed below, alongside their answers.

Why do I feel worse after the infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna session can leave you feeling nauseous and sick. It may not be as a result of any impending or unknown health issues. An infrared sauna is most likely to leave your body dehydrated. Dehydration prevents you from sweating. This pushes your body’s tolerance to heat beyond the limits it can handle.
The best way to handle such situations is by increasing your water intake after every session. Additionally, don’t spend over 20 minutes in a sauna. This reduces your chances of extreme dehydration.

Can I take my phone into an infrared sauna?

No! you can’t take your phone inside an infrared sauna! Any temperature above 113 degrees Celsius is harmful to your phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device. Your phone’s system may overheat and cause damage to it. Some people may argue that it is okay to have your gadget with you in an infrared sauna, but the damage that could occur to the phone afterward is more than the comfort offered at that moment.

Do infrared saunas detoxify your body?

Compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas remove unhealthy substances from your body through your skin more effectively. According to experts, toxins such as uric acid, ammonia, heavy metal, cholesterol, and fat-soluble toxins make up 15% of sweat during an infrared sauna. The rest is water.
The answer to this question is: yes! An infrared sauna is an effective way to detoxify your body.

Should you wipe sweat in a sauna?

If you are not drenched, don’t wipe the sweat off your body, especially your face. Sweat acts as a coolant in your body, and brushing it away before it evaporates may cause your body to produce more sweat. This leads to dehydration. However, don’t let the sweat dry on your skin. It causes the reabsorbing of the toxin leading to breakouts.

Should I shower after the infrared sauna?

Yes. Take a shower that lasts between 5-15 minutes. This helps your body cool off from the heat in the sauna and wash off sweat and toxins, preventing them from getting reabsorbed back into your system.


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