Sometime, the cold and flu season sets on us well from the winter. This is one of the times when you have to ensure your immune system is in great shape. Even during the other seasons, having a strong immune system comes in handy. If you want to stay healthy and have a strong immune system, eating a balanced diet, staying physically active, managing stress, and giving your body a rest are some of the things you can do. However, if you incorporate an infrared sauna in this, the results might be better. But how does infrared sauna boost the immune system?

Is a sauna good for your immune system?

Before we move to how an infrared sauna will boost the immune system, let’s try and see if it is good for your immune. Sauna is beneficial and great to your immune system. When you are exposed to the infrared sauna, the core temperature of the body rises. This induces an artificial fever which mimics the body’s defense mechanism. It also stimulates the production of adequate white blood cells which are the body’s soldiers fighting off diseases and infections.

The artificial fever induced by the sauna is beneficial to the body. The sick or diseased cells can’t withstand the high temperatures. When the infrared sauna raises your body temperature, it is able to reproduce a natural healing response which keeps the body healthy. According to the British Medical Association, it is well known that people who indulge in regular sauna sessions can reduce their colds and influenza incidences by 65%.

Is infrared sauna good when you are sick?

The answer to this is Yes! And No! It first depends on where you are sick. If it is a cold or a flu, getting in an infrared sauna will have you feeling better in the long run. If you have a severe cold where your nasal packages are closed, the infrared sauna will also work great.

An infrared sauna is a No when you have a heart disease. The same applies to when you have circulation problems. For pregnant women, the case is the same. These are some of the people who should at all cost avoid going to the sauna unless advised to do so by a doctor.

Is Sauna Bad for Lungs

Sauna is in no way bad for the lungs. A sauna can improve the respiratory function. Sauna is good for the mungs in that it helps enhance lung capacity and function. This is as a result of the benefit of improved breathing for those with respiratory conditions. According to the same study, a sauna regular may also have few common colds or flus plus a lower risk of pneumonia.

Can you sweat out a virus?

Exposure to the high heat induced by an infrared sauna may help relieve the symptoms of a cold or flu. However, thereis is little to no evidence to suggest that you can sweat out a virus successfully or that a sauna can help treat a cold.


An infrared sauna helps boost your immune system. It helps make your body’s natural defense system stronger compared to a person who doesn’t engage in regular infrared sauna sessions. Incorporate infrared sauna in your healthy lifestyle and make your life more comfortable, your health better, and your body stronger.


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