Detoxication or detox is the removing of toxic elements or substances from the body. The body has a natural detoxication system which is the liver. It carries out the detoxication process ushing out toxins from the body. When detoxing, your body goes through changes that might not be so pleasant at the moment, but the results are amazing. One amazing benet of detoxing is losing weight, and when you think of it, everything you go through when detoxing becomes worth it.

Is it Okay to Do a Body Cleanse?

A simple yes will suffice here. Toxins build up in the body can lead to health problems. The liver might not be able to do all the detox in time, and giving your body a boost in detoxication goes a long way. When detoxing, the best thing to do is watch your diet, drink a lot of water and maybe smoothies. Vegetable smoothies might help the detox process while drinking a lot of water aids in digestion and food transit.

Signs of a detoxing Body

The first sign of a detoxing body is smell or odour. The skin, which is the largest secretory organ is responsible for sweating out the toxins in your body. When this happens, the sweat is combined with all these toxins, which might make a person smell.

Another signicant change is pooping easily, more often and change of poop colour. Your poop might be green which happens when you are fasting, on a vegetable diet and detoxing. The food rushes through the empty intestines too fast to allow the bacteria in the stomach to give the poop the brown colour.

The stool colour varies depending on your diet and the type of detox. If the stool is yellow, the body might be getting rid of gluten in the body. If you have eaten a lot of foods with added colouring, beef, tomatoes, or cranberries, your stool might be more red. If you have taken iron supplements in your detox program, the poop might be black.

When detoxing, you might sometimes experience some bloating or gas. This happens as your body tries to adapt to your change in diet. Losing weight is another sign of a detoxing body. Some people combine sauna with their detox programs to induce sweating, which excretes the toxins through the skin. When this happens, one is most likely to lose weight from the sweating and removing toxins, fasting and change in diet. All in all, the results from detox are all worth it.


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