Being conscious of our weight plays a big role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After all, it does contribute to the overall status of our entire health and well-being. It’s undeniably challenging to do though, which is why discipline and change in behavior are some of the most important factors to consider when enforcing a weight loss plan. 

Losing weight does not have to be a very rigid and strict process though. With the regular use of Infrared Sauna Therapy, losing weight can be a pretty enjoyable process and an easy additional change to your lifestyle!

Infrared Sauna Therapy: A Steamy Hot Health Trend

Infrared saunas have been making headlines as the hottest lifestyle trend that comes with a lot of health benefits. You might be wondering what exactly about it makes it appealing to the masses. Is it just a fad that will fade over time? As experts on this matter, we’re here to shed some more light on the matter. 

On top of detoxification, relieving muscle pain, and a reduced blood pressure, infrared sauna therapy is also associated with weight loss. One might think if it’s really possible to just sit and sweat it all out and burn all those excess calories and fats. You might even think it sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we’re here to confirm that it is actually possible, and this has been backed by some scientific research!

Infrared sauna therapy can burn calories

It sounds too good to be true to be burning calories while just sitting down in a heated pod or room, but as backed by scientific research, this is actually possible. This is all thanks to the heat from the infrared light and the sweat that will come out of your body. Because you are exposed to heat, your body temperature will naturally rise up too, which will then lead to your body spending extra energy that will produce the sweat.

Infrared sauna therapy is a form of good cardio workout

And it is good for the heart! According to a published study from Mayo Clinic, your cardiovascular function can improve greatly through regular sauna bathing. Your heart does all the pumping action that promotes proper circulation and gets your entire physique functioning properly. This helps greatly with your weight loss process. 

Infrared sauna therapy clears away toxins

As you probably know by now, one of the many great benefits of infrared sauna therapy also includes detoxification. The clearing of toxins in your body is significant in promoting weight loss as through infrared heat, this removes the fat tissue that is actually preventing the weight loss. As this happens, it also detoxifies your body and reduce any type of inflammation, leaving you feeling refreshed as well.

Get started on your weight loss journey with the Vivo Wellness Infrared Jade Sauna Pod 

Here at Vivo Wellness, we are all about improving one’s health, wellness, and lifestyle. This is why we are up to date with the current technology and trends that will bring about a satisfying, safe, and rejuvenating experience for you! One of our latest products is our Infrared Jade Sauna Pod. It is a non-surgical approach to achieving overall wellness towards health-related concerns, including weight management concerns.

To learn more about this product and what we do, you may contact us at 323-888-1000 or visit our website.

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