The muscles can get a little strained over time especially if what you’re doing consists of rigorous work whether in your daily activity or you are trying to stay active and fit. If overused or misused, it can lead to muscle sore and for sure, nobody wants that. In a situation as such, this calls for muscle recovery. There are a variety of techniques that can alleviate this, and thanks to modern science and technology, the path to muscle recovery just got even better!

One of the latest innovation is the infrared sauna which brings a lot of health benefits. As experts on this matter, we have taken the liberty to consolidate some of the most notable benefits that this latest technology can bring.

Infrared sauna vs. traditional sauna

Some people opt to go for a traditional sauna to decompress and relieve themselves of muscle pain. It is no doubt that both types of sauna uses heat but how exactly is it different from an infrared sauna? 

A traditional sauna uses rocks that are heated over a wood fire or electricity. Infrared sauna is the modernized version with the use of infrared radiation. This poses as a better alternative if ever the traditional sauna’s heat is a lot to bear for you. 

Both are helpful in relieving muscle pain and providing health benefits but in this article, we are going to focus on the benefits that infrared sauna brings!

Infrared sauna therapy brings about a speedy recovery

Because the infrared sauna can penetrate your muscles deeper. Research shows that the deep penetration of the infrared heat is highly beneficial for the neuromuscular system to recover from an extraneous activity. Not only does it promote fast recovery, but it also makes it an enjoyable and comfortable experience for you. 

Infrared sauna therapy promotes good circulation and blood flow

Good circulation and blood flow is very important for the human body. This is further enhances when you undergo infrared sauna therapy. The deep penetration of the heat touches not only your muscles and tissues but as well as the joints which then increases good circulation and blood flow. These are vital for your muscles’ recovery as well.

Infrared sauna therapy also promotes better muscle performance

Regular sessions of infrared sauna therapy will increase and improve your muscles’ performance, given that it undergoes speedy recovery from pain and discomfort. This has been backed by a scientific study wherein infrared sauna has been a relevant tool when it comes to reducing muscle soreness and quick recovery, which then leads to better muscle performance!

Relieve your muscle pain with Vivo Wellness’ Infrared Jade Sauna Pod 

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