High blood pressure is among the top health problems that is being faced by many adults in the USA. When left untreated, it can lead to certain complications that can be life-threatening. But on a brighter note, high blood pressure can be treated with a lifestyle change.

One of the greatest lifestyle innovations that may have come to life is the infrared sauna. It is a non-surgical approach to improving overall health and wellness that is influenced by lifestyle.

First of, before we go in-depth with the benefits, let’s try to understand what causes a high blood pressure.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

As described by CDC, we all have a normal level blood pressure level and when this elevates, it leads to high blood pressure, or what is also called as hypertension. Unhealthy life choices such as overindulgence in fatty foods, drinking, and smoking usually cause an elevation in blood pressure, which can be detrimental in the long run. Pre-existing diseases such as diabetes and obesity are factors in developing high blood pressure.

Luckily though, high blood pressure can be treated by making some healthier lifestyle changes, and this also includes the likes of infrared sauna therapy.

How does the infrared sauna work on the body?

Undergoing an infrared sauna therapy can be a form of a passive cardio workout, and the infrared light spectrum plays a big role in this. It brings about a ton of positive impact on your health. This has been backed by medical studies as the said infrared light spectrum is able to stimulate cellular regeneration and mitochondrial activity which brings forth improved circulation in the body system. After all, the mitochondria house is sensitive to light, which makes it a good attractor for infrared light spectrum, making it easily penetrable for the epidermis.

How effective is the infrared sauna for lowering blood pressure?

Deemed to be a safe, simple procedure, infrared sauna therapy can effectively address the underlying effects of a high blood pressure. This is because the infrared light spectrum enables vasolidation – where the dilation of a blood vessel occurs to lower blood pressure. It has been observed that regular exposure to infrared light can effectively reduce the chances of a high blood pressure. 

Moreover, unlike traditional saunas, since infrared sauna does not use high external heat to get running, it is very safe to use even for those who may be suspected of high blood pressure. 

Lower your blood pressure with the Infrared Jade Sauna Pod

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