Detoxing is the process of allowing the body to get rid of all substances that are unhealthy. It can happen in a certain period. Besides removing toxic and harmful substances from your body, detoxing can also help you gain a healthy glow, flatten your tummy and clear your skin. Many people are not familiar with this process; hence they are left with many unanswered questions.

Is it Okay to Do a Body Cleanse?

A simple yes will suffice here. Toxins build up in the body can lead to health problems. The liver might not be able to do all the detox in time, and giving your body a boost in detoxication goes a long way. When detoxing, the best thing to do is watch your diet, drink a lot of water and maybe smoothies. Vegetable smoothies might helo the detox process while drinking a lot of water aids in digestion and food transit.

Signs of a detoxing Body

The first sign of a detoxing body is smell or odour. The skin, which is the largest secretory organ is responsible for sweating out the toxins in your body. When this happens, the sweat is combined with all these toxins which might The answer is yes! Body odour is inevitable during the detox period. The smell
may be strong or not so strong, depending on what you detoxed with. More often than not, your body odour is an outward reflection of what is going on inside your body. Detoxing helps your body get rid of toxins, bacteria as well as excess proteins and fats. Some of these substances leave your body through the pores on your skin. They cling to your body until the next time you take a bath. However, some toxins are so strong that a bath might not make the smell go away. When this happens, the most you can do is wait for your detox period to get over so your body can go back to smelling as good as it used to.

Does detoxing make you poop?

Body detox enhances your digestion and makes your digestive tract healthier. You are likely to poop more times than to enable the unhealthy substances to pass out of your body through the stool. You are also likely to pass more urine regularly after the kidney filters out the body waste.

Does detoxing reduce weight?

Regular detox will help you shed some extra pounds from your body. Some toxins inhibit proper digestion of food and alter your body’s rate of metabolism. Besides eating healthy and exercising, detox can be of great help for you to achieve your body goals.

How long does it take for your body to detox?

A detox may take two to seven days, depending on what you are using for your detox. Another factor that affects the time your body takes to detox includes your body metabolism rate. Some people detox after prolonged use of alcohol and other drugs while others detox as part of their health and wellness routine.
All these are factors that may affect your body’s detox period.

How do toxins leave the body?

The liver is responsible for detoxication in your body. After food breakdown in your body’s digestive system, the digested particles are absorbed into the bloodstream. The bloodstream passes through the liver, which then separates the waste and toxins from the useful nutrients. The waste and toxins are turned into urea which undergoes further filtration in the kidney and passes out as urine. Other waste turns into bile and is passed to the small intestines.


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