Are you seeking a full detox of both your body and your mental well-being? Well, having a full spectrum sauna may just be what you need. Despite the health benefits of these saunas, many people know little about them

What does full spectrum mean?

It is a type of heat treatment that detoxes the body by burning calories, inducing sweat, and soothing sore muscles. It uses SoloCarbon infrared heaters and ultra-low EMF technology to accomplish this. This treatment can be beneficial to people with congestive heart failure, COPD, peripheral arterial disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. While it may not fully mitigate these ailments, it helps reduce the gravity of the pain that comes with these conditions.

Are our full spectrum infrared sauna safe?

Our full spectrum saunas sessions are not only relaxing but are tailored to ensure that our clients don’t get any side effects. Whether you divide to take our full spectrum saunas daily or periodically, you are assured of getting a relaxing experience without having to worry about the aftermath. We create a perfect balance between near-infrared light and mid-infrared light thereby ensuring we eliminate any adverse side effects such as low blood pressure, transient leg pain, and lightheadedness.

What is the healthiest type of sauna?

There are several types of sauna therapies with each of them designed to provide unique sensations to the body. Given their different designs, the saunas pose different threat levels to your well-being. That said, infrared sauna is the healthiest amongst them. An infrared sauna uses a mild temperature of between 120 and 150 degrees to provide the body with a healing and relaxing sensation.

Moreover, the light that emanates from the infrared saunas penetrates much deeper into the body thereby causing a more vigorous sweat, even though it uses a lower temperature than the other types of saunas. Nonetheless to enjoy its full benefits ensure you adhere to the following tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water: Given the level of sweating associated with this type of sauna, you must replenish with fluids after sweating. Doing this will ensure that you don’t develop any problems caused by dehydration.
  2. Avoid antiperspirant: These substances limit your sweating, therefore, reducing the effectiveness of the sauna sessions. You should use deodorants because they not only allow you to sweat but also kill bacteria and get rid of bad odor.
  3. Limit your sessions to 20 minutes: The sensations derived from the sauna may be addictive. Even do ensure that your sessions don’t exceed 20 minutes. Remember, more is not more with sweat therapy.
  4. Take a shower: Rinse yourself after sauna sessions to get rid of toxins from your skin.

Adhering to these guidelines will ensure that you get optimum benefits from the sauna.

What is a medical-grade sauna?

These are saunas that have been approved by doctors to be safe and can improve your well-being. The benefits you can get from them include better blood flow, reduced migraines, healing of muscles, and relief from pain.

Beware of the numerous saunas developed by people with no medical background. These saunas may cause you more harm than good.


While there are other types of saunas such as traditional saunas, near-infrared lamp saunas, and far-infrared saunas, full spectrum saunas effectiveness compared to them is unmatched. With it, you get to enjoy a health healing sensation from customizable heaters that eliminate bacteria, fungi, and any other pain & health defects that you may be suffering from.


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