Whole Body Vibration Research

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) exercisers, like our VIVO Vibe 660, have a huge following today, and this is not without solid scientific backing. Plenty of research has been done to corroborate claims made by numerous athletes and celebrities about how vibration machines have benefited them.

The scientific community has done comprehensive research and there are numerous case studies to prove that whole body vibration machines benefit people of all ages.

  • Studies have shown that people, who reside in nursing homes and are unable to function normally, benefit greatly when they use whole body vibration machines for durations of six weeks or so. Training with vibration machines helps greatly improve balance and mobility.
  • Even a simple fall can prove to have far-reaching consequences for older people. In such a scenario, studies have shown that 12 months of training with whole body vibration machines reduces fall frequency notably. In fact, at the end of the training, participants can stand on a moving platform with eyes closed and still do not fall.
  • Older men who have numerous problems with diminished muscle mass and muscle strength have been known to benefit greatly with 12 months of training with vibration machines.
  • Studies have shown that with vibration treatment, athletes can increase their jump height significantly. Aspects that were measured included peak force, jump height, and peak power, which decreased less after the treatment.
  • Studies performed by NASA have proven that whole body vibration improves muscle activation in the lower and upper leg during dynamic squats.
  • Cardiovascular training sometimes comes with the risk of injury, but with vibration exercises the same and even better results can be achieved without any suffering from injuries. In fact, studies revealed that these results took less than half the time to achieve compared to conventional programs. The overall benefit of regular vibration exercise for older people is longer independence and higher quality of life.
  • Clinical trial studies have shown that vibration exercises can considerably reduce the occurrence of cellulite without causing ill-effects.


There’s one common factor in all these studies: Vibration machines, such as VIVO Vibe 660, help people of all ages stay fit and do not pose the risk of injury that are common in conventional workouts.

How It Works

How do VIVO Vibe machines work?

Fitness enthusiasts know that vibration machines are effective and are being used and endorsed by many well-known athletes and celebrities. There is plenty of scientific research to support vibration machines after the advent of Power Plate in the marketplace.  Since Power Plate’s introduction there has been more discernment as to which vibration machines work the best. At VIVO Wellness we researched worldwide to find the best vibration machines available.  After taking apart more than a dozen machines and testing them with our die-hard vibration clients, we now make the best vibration machines available to you. Power Plate is the type of vibration machine that uses strictly vertical vibration, which most of our clients find very irritating as it causes excessive vibrations in the head and neck. Many who have used Power Plate were afraid of it but once they tried our oscillating vibration machines, like our VIVO Vibe 440, they were excited to get back to using a vibration machine in their fitness program.

So how do these machines work?

Whole body vibration machines create vibrations from the feet upward and distribute this vibration energy across the whole body. Thanks to these vibrations, your muscle fibers quickly contract 30-50 times per second. As a result, your body adapts to these amazingly fast contractions, leading to fat loss and showing numerous other benefits.

Vibration machines were initially intended for those who needed to add to their bone density and boost their muscle strength. What most users noted was that some of the more immediate benefits included increased flexibility and better range of motion. Vibration exercises create contractions in your muscles that help burn fat, boost metabolism rates, improve circulation, and on the whole, control the aging process.

Whole body vibration machines come in two types, vertical and oscillating. Both types of machines have their own range of benefits and although they work on different principles, the benefits derived from them are similar.

Working out with a vibration machine never gets tedious, particularly as you need to spend only 10-20 minutes a few times a week to see the results. That’s all. Now, you no longer need to feel guilty about not taking care of your health, because vibration exercises will do it for you.

Conventional exercises come with the risk of injury which is eliminated when using whole body vibration machines. In fact, regular users can vouch for how vibration machines can actually improve muscle tone and help you live a better life.

The following are some of the benefits of making a vibration exercise a regular part of your workout:

  • Get in shape by burning all that fat
  • Tone and tighten your skin
  • Reduce cellulite and improve collagen levels
  • Increase muscle strength to amazing levels
  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Prevent bone loss and get rid of osteoporosis
  • Increase metabolism to burn fat easily
  • Become more energetic
  • Relief from back and joint pains
  • Lowered BP and cortisol levels
  • Become  more flexible
  • Have a better sense of balance and coordination
  • Boost feel-good serotonin

Fitness Benefits

If you like the idea of being fit but don’t really have the time for a full-fledged workout then a whole body vibration machine may be your best bet.

Fitness is no longer the mantra of those who spend hours at the gym working out and toning their bodies. With your busy lifestyle, you can still make time to become fit once you start using a vibration machine because you can do in 15 minutes what use to take an hour at the gym.  This is because of accelerated alternating reflex muscle contraction through the destabilization of the vibration machine and you work the core muscles which protect you from injury. Hard to imagine? Picture riding a bike on a flat surface and now picture going off-road through rough terrain. You get a tremendous amount more exercise going off-road and that’s what the vibration machine does!

Benefits of a Whole Body Vibration Machine for Fitness

The benefits of using a whole body vibration machine can become quickly apparent with immediate improvement in blood circulation, leaving you with a fresh and healthy glow on your skin. Some of the other changes you will begin to notice, once you regularly start doing vibration exercise, are increased flexibility and muscle strength.

Even if you’re not a fitness enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to see some of the changes that a vibration exercise can bring about in your body. From better range of motion to better core conditioning, more stability, and quicker recovery in all aspects, a whole body vibration machine is the answer to your prayers if you want to become fit without the traditional workouts.

Fitness for Athletes

Being enthusiastic about fitness is great for everyone. But if you’re an athlete, then fitness is not optional. It becomes a way of life. With all the training that goes into the life of an active athlete, it becomes all the more stressful to concentrate on being part of a fitness regimen.

Vibration machines, such as our IV400-Pro and Power Plate, have indeed changed the way athletes exercise today as injury prevention is paramount. If you are an athlete you can integrate the use of a vibration machine into your regular regimen as cross-training to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Many of our well-known athletes have already vouched for how whole body vibration machine has helped them achieve and maintain the right level of fitness.

Wellness Benefits

It’s not just athletes or fitness freaks who are going crazy about vibration machines, such as our VIVO Vibe 440. Anybody can benefit from these innovative exercise machines that have changed the way the world exercises today. If you’ve always wanted to be lean and fit but never had the time for a proper workout, it’s time you looked at vibration machines that have numerous health benefits, apart from making you look just the way you’ve always dreamed of.  We have researched all over the world to find the best vibration machines for you.

So how can our whole body vibration machines help you?

  • Regular users of vibration machines have found that their metabolism rates have gone up remarkably
  • Health checkups have revealed that vibration exercises increase bone mineral density
  • Vibration exercises reduces the stress hormone cortisol
  • Lymphatic flow is improved
  • Human Growth Hormone is also given a boost
  • May improve the integrity of joints, ligaments through the supportive musculature
  • May decrease muscle pain by circulating lymph and improving circulation

Spas and Beauty Centers

If you think that the whole body vibration machines are just for those obsessed about their fitness, then you will be surprised to read how effectively they are being used at spas and beauty centers.

Vibration machines are being used in spas and beauty centers for whole body massage and relaxation. It has been proven that vibration exercises ensure that people can enjoy the benefits of exercise, such as improved circulation and blood flow, without having to actively participate in it.

Despite being a more passive form of exercise, vibration machines act on all the muscle groups in the body and help create a rejuvenating spa experience. How do the vibration exercises help in spas?

  • Reduce the level of stress-inducing cortisol
  • Raise the level of ‘feel good’ serotonin
  • Increase circulation and blood flow
  • Lower toxin level
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Maintain better posture

Age Defying Results

A large number of people are discovering the amazing anti-aging benefits of vibration exercises. If you’re of an age where muscle and bone density loss are constant sources of worry, you can set aside your concerns because these machines have shown great positive results.

It’s a known fact that adequate exercise helps you feel good and maintain a youthful appearance. In the case of vibration machine exercises, this results from the release of the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter serotonin. Along with this, whole body vibration machines help improve muscle strength while increasing flexibility and range of motion. Those who are looking for age defying solutions will also be thrilled to learn that vibration machines help stimulate the production of collagen, a wonder substance that creates tight and beautiful skin.

No matter what your user profile is, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or an average person who wants to slow down the aging process, you will find that vibration machines, such as our VIVO Vibe 440, make a marked difference in your exercise regimen and in your life.

Positive Effects

Whole Body Vibration

Vibration machines have successfully captured the fitness market. Vibration machines use the technique of whole body vibration (WBV) to get effective results in toning bodies and reducing muscle loss. Whole Body Vibration is not a recent phenomenon although it has gained immense popularity in the recent times.

Scientific research has shown that WBV can actually diminish the debilitating effects of osteoporosis in post menopausal women. That’s not all. This remarkable form of exercise is known to increase bone mineral density, improve muscle strength and power, and help reduce fat.

Whole body vibration as opposed to spot vibration results in a holistic effect and helps people stay healthy and fit without going through the rigors of traditional workouts and exercise. Studies have shown how WBV exercises of one hour per session have yielded numerous positive results.

WBV appeals to people of all age groups, especially the older ones, because it is a comfortable and safe option that provides all the benefits of a workout without stress. What’s more, users have to simply stand on the vibrating platform, although they can perform some exercises as well to achieve high-end results. A 30-minute session three times a week helps users lose fat, gain muscle strength, have better balance and reflexes, have improved bone density, and have overall good health.

Positive Effects of Whole Body Vibration:

  • Increases bone mineral density – Studies performed on individuals before and after training with vibration machines have shown how WBV results in increased bone mineral density.
  • Reversing bone loss – An important effect of WBV is that it has been proven to reverse the process of bone loss, thereby reducing the possibility of osteoporosis.
  • Reduces falls and fractures – Regular usage of WBV is known to reduce occurrence of falls and fractures considerably, especially in the older people.
  • Increases strength – WBV is known to help increase overall strength and helps athletes and other sports persons stay fit.
  • Balance and equilibrium – Often, it is the older population that suffers from falls and resulting fractures. WBV considerably improves balance and equilibrium.
  • Posture – WBV helps maintain a good posture
  • Fat loss – One of the more significant effects of WBV that appeals to people of all ages is that it helps promote fat loss.
  • Improved health – Regular WBV helps improve overall health of users

Whole Body Vibration is not a modern-day gimmick but a tried and tested method of exercise that benefits people in the aforementioned ways.