Featured and highlighted on many popular television and cable network shows, VIVO Wellness (formerly named FBE Wellness) continues to be the talk of the town. With far too many to name, VIVO Wellness has been seen on Access Hollywood, EXTRA, Tyra Banks Show, TV Guide Channel, FOX News, VH1 and The Doctors.


Watch Lori Corbin of KABC Los Angeles explores the fun and effective weight loss and fitness equipment

KTTV Los Angeles

Watch this TV segment of Laura Sivan with KTTV Los Angeles

ACCESS Hollywood

Check out this exercise segment with Shaun Robinson on ACCESS Hollywood


Mario Lopez demonstrates health and fitness equipment on EXTRA TV

The Doctors Show

Dr. Ken Best demonstrates the pneumatic compression massager on The Doctors

Tyra Banks Show

Health and wellness products featured on the Tyra Banks Show

Jessica Simpson

Celebrity, singer and actress Jessica Simpson works out with whole body vibration machine

FOX 11 News

View this news segment featuring Christina Devine at FOX News Los Angeles

KCAL 9 News

Celebrity weight-loss featured on KCAL 9 Los Angeles

The Pulse

Whole body vibration machines demonstration on The Pulse

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy is a very powerful new technology that relieves pain from most conditions including neuropathic pain.