Extend Your Services To Include Wellness!

Vivo Infrared Jade Sauna™

Vivo Infrared Jade Sauna is easy to install and use. This wonderful product provides excellent benefits to your clients including:

  • Health Benefits:
    • Fat & cellulite reduction
    • Body detoxification
    • Pain relief
    • Stress release
  • Advantages:
    • No installation necessary
    • Easy to move
    • Jade insulation provides soothing and medicinal properties
    • Both near and far infrared provides maximum benefits
    • Head remains outside the capsule
Girl with Sauna

Increase Revenues

Each Vivo Jade Infrared Sauna™ could increase revenues for each studio between $50,000 and $250,000 per year.

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4 Sessions/Day 7 Sessions/Day 10 Sessions/Day
Rates per Sessions* Revenue/Week Revenue/Week Revenue/Week
$35 $980 $1,715 $2,450
$55 $1,540 $2,695 $3,850
$75 $2,100 $3,675 $5,250
*Assuming 30 minute sessions.

Other Vivo Wellness Products

In addition to Jade Infrared Sauna, Vivo Wellness offers other Wellness products:

Girl with Vibe Machine

Vivo Vibe™ Vibration Machines

Our full line of Vivo Vibe™ Vibration Machines offer a personalized wellness regimen that is low impact, safer, better and provides faster results. Vivo Vibe™ products integrate science and wellness technologies to proivde the latest innovation in fitness to your clients.

Learn more at: http://vivowellness.com/products/vivo-vibe-660/

Girl with Compression

Pneumatic Compression Massager

The Pneumatic Compression Massager from Vivo Wellness is an ‘air therapy’ massager engineered to rejuvenate the body and spirit while offering superior health and wellness properties. The Pneumatic Compression Massager is built to help your clients feel healthier, happier, and invigorated.

Learn more at: http://vivowellness.com/products/pneumatic-compression-massager/

What Our Customers Say…

“We constantly receive compliments from our clients who use our 9 Infrared Saunas by Vivo Wellness. Our clients love the relaxation and detoxing benefits they get from these saunas… We highly recommend these saunas to anyone who is interested in improving their health and well-being.”Joseph Harounian – CEO, FBE SPA Los Angeles

“Vivo Wellness Infrared Sauna has been a valuable compliment to my Detox Spa. The extra benefits of increased lymphatic circulation and detoxification are a perfect fit for our Cellulite Reduction Theraies… It has helped us increase revenues and provide our clients with the highest level of wellness therapist.”Lisa Severin – Owner Cove Wellness Spa of La Jolla