VIVO Wellness

Engineered for Health and Wellness

Previously known as FBE Wellness, the all-new VIVO Wellness believes that better health leads to better lives. And now more than ever, consumers are serious about living healthier, longer and more meaningful lives.

We have revolutionized the way we view health and wellness by engineering evolutionary alternative fitness solutions that are low impact, safe and deliver faster results.

VIVO Wellness has embraced science-based technology and as a result our products will enhance and improve your health, wellness and lifestyle. We understand that science-based technology must go hand-in-hand with preventative health and self-care. Our products embrace modern technology with advanced equipment, radical fitness regimens and a fresh approach to total body wellness:

  • VIVO Vibe- Whole Body Vibration Machines
  • VIVO Infrared Jade Sauna
  • VIVO Pneumatic Compression Massager

Our team of experts includes doctors, practitioners, trainers, nutritionists and business consultants. All of them can help you select the perfect VIVO Wellness equipment and program for you.

The History of Whole Body Vibration

Developed for the prevention of muscle atrophy, bone density loss and blood clotting, vibration therapy was originated by Russian scientists for its space program. Since the 1960s, vibration therapy has remained popular throughout Europe and is now more commonly used today in the United States.

Many celebrities, pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts have turned to vibration therapy for a complete full-body workout in a fraction of the time it takes others to do. Imagine getting the equivalent of a one hour workout in less than 15 minutes using VIVO Vibe exercisers.